3 Types Of Tax Preparers You Can Work With

21 April 2019
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There are a variety of different types of professionals you can hire to assist you with your taxes. The exact type of tax professional you need depends upon your specific needs.

#1 Tax Attorney

For a complex tax situation, you are going to want to work with a tax attorney. A tax attorney has in-depth knowledge of tax law that goes far beyond what most people are trained with. Tax attorneys are who you need to hire when you have a complex return to file, or when you are being audited and you need someone who really gets it to go over your taxes. They are the most expensive tax professionals to work with, but they generally have the greatest depth of knowledge and can represent you in legal situations as well.

#2 Certified Public Accountant

Your next choice is a certified public account, more commonly referred to as a CPA. CPAs are who you go to if you have a tax situation that is a little complicated, but not tax attorney-level complicated.

CPAs are able to do more than just file your taxes. They are able to help you prepare your taxes and plan for how to deal with your taxes. They can help with financial reports for your business. CPAs are great to work with because they can provide you with support not just during tax season, but throughout the year. That can make it easier to do your taxes when tax season arrives, as the CPA is already familiar with your business structure.

#3 Enrolled Agents

Enrolled agents are agents who have worked hard to earn their credentials through the IRS. They have to go through a background check with the IRS and pass rigorous exams created by the IRS that test them on their understanding of tax laws and on their ability to apply tax laws correctly in various situations.

Enrolled agents are individuals who have invested a lot of time and energy into understanding tax codes. They can help you with simple returns or complex returns. Beyond simple tax help, they can also help you if you are audited or end up in collections with the IRS. Their entire focus is on taxes, and as such, can be the perfect individuals to help you with your tax needs.

If you have really complex tax needs, you are going to want to hire a tax attorney. A certified public accountant can help you with a variety of financial needs, not just your taxes. If you need affordable tax help from a real professional, an enrolled agent is who you should work with.

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