Top Benefits Of Using Tax Software

12 November 2019
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Doing your taxes annually can be extremely challenging. You'll want to be sure you work towards getting the most significant refund possible or pay the least. in taxes. One of the things you can do that will enable you to accomplish this goal with ease is by relying on tax software made for professionals. There are many advantages of relying on this item, and knowing what these are can be helpful. Read More 

Self-Employed? Three Benefits To Hiring A CPA To Help With Your Taxes

12 June 2019
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If you are self-employed, you may find yourself wondering if you can handle your taxes on your own, or if you should hire a CPA. While a CPA will end up costing you a bit of money, there are many benefits associated with hiring a CPA to help you with your taxes. If you are on the fence about hiring one, take the time to read more about these benefits.  Read More 

3 Common Tax Mistakes Freelancers Make

22 May 2019
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Freelancing offers many benefits. In most cases, it allows you to be your own business, working when and how you want. Unfortunately, freelancing can also be problematic if you are not familiar with the different tax laws that self-employed individuals must follow. This guide will help you avoid a few common tax mistakes most freelancers make. Not Reporting Income If you freelance, you most likely will receive 1099s from one or more clients at the end of the year. Read More 

Why Complete A Mid-Year Tax Checkup?

30 April 2019
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As summer approaches, most Americans take time off from thinking about their taxes. But, in reality, summer is a great time to do a mid-year tax checkup. What's the benefit of a tax checkup? And what should you discuss? Here are a few answers. Why Check in About Your Taxes?  Your tax bill is the accumulation of an entire year's worth of financial decisions and activities. It includes changes in your income, purchases and sales of assets, changes in family structure, external changes in tax rules, and choices about where to put your money to work. Read More 

5 Reasons To Hire A Tax Pro This Year

27 April 2019
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Most individuals and families dread tax season. It can be a pain trying to get all your finances in order and trying to sort out what taxes you will owe. There are complicated tax laws and different credits for different situations. If you tend to wait until the last moment to handle your tax needs and are sick of stressing out, it may be time to get a professional involved. Here are the top reasons to hire a tax pro this year: Read More